The Story

Dr Hellion knows each child is unique and approaches play based learning differently…

Yet nearly all children’s toys designed to support play are made in identical batches. Even more troubling, these toys are mass manufactured in huge quantities. Often made using unsustainable processes and materials, this mass of toys can be shipped from the opposite side of the planet. Ultimately, this means we pay a high price environmentally in both the making and distribution of contemporary toys. This is why DrHellion quit the day job at Toycorp.Inc. Dr Hellion knew it was time to be a little troublesome and different.

Drawing upon many years’ experience, The Dr knew what children played with, would influence play and shape learning. The Dr concluded toys should, therefore, nurture and reflect individual approaches to learning. Furthermore, these toys should do so without exploiting the planet’s resources in the process. In secret, The Dr began developing contemporary, open-ended and multifunctional toy designs. Over 18 months, a range of original toys emerged, built to withstand years, even generations of play.

These toys became the basis of the Dr’s new venture, HellionToys. Unlike Toycorp.Inc, Hellion toys ethically produce eco-friendly wooden toys in the north of England. All Hellion toys are independently lab safety tested, CE certified and highly customisable via our website Toy Builder. Our elves innovatively fabricate your designs using sustainably sourced local materials and vibrant eco finishes. We ship our toys to your doorstep fully built and ready for adventure!

The toy in the child’s hand

is alive. ~ Gerber

Made in britain

Each piece is designed, crafted and made locally, by us, here in the Forest of Bowland, UK. We use sustainably sourced woods and deploy lean digital fabrication methods that help us to make toys responsively to order. Our toys come without the large international carbon footprints. This is due to sustainable materials, keeping the transportation of raw materials and products low and not needing to make and store toys in large batches.

To be cherished by the next generation

Our toys are designed with longevity in mind. They are open-ended, multifunctional and grow with your little one’s interests and development. Furthermore, the high-quality materials and build quality ensures they will adapt and last many generations of playtime, as we never design for ‘‘Planned obsolescence’.

But who is Dr Hellion?


Dr Hellion

Designer. Maker.
Crafter of Rainbows

Dr Hellion is a troublesome alter ego. By nature, I am a trouble(some)maker.  Inherently desiring to do craft differently. Slowly, carefully and thinking about toys as treasures, not objects things turned out on mass. What motivates me is making toys differently. Building them sustainably and to last.  Especially in light the current design and manufacture of toys make them a comparable environmental problem to plastic bags or bottles, and yet never mentioned as such.