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Cow Appreciation Day !

Cow Appreciation Day !

July 13th is Cow Appreciation Day! The day designed to spread awareness about cows and their significance in our lives. Now we couldn't let this day pass here at HQ without note, as we have some incredible neighbours I'd like you to *meet*.

Hellion Toys workshop is based in the Forest of Bowland AONB. Our barn is situated in a small hamlet called Bashall, in the outskirts of Clitheroe. It's a place you get to through driving (or walking!) down quintessentially English, long winding country lanes. The types surrounded by tall bustling hedgerows, old barns, little cottages or the occasional pub.

In essence, we are surrounded by working farms here with sheep, alpacas and numerous herds of cows close by. And our view from the workshop windows? A big farmers field of course. So as I am working away making toys, I've watched how this field was home first to some springy rebellious lambs and now majestic cows.

Unlike the escapee lambs, who would somehow cut loose and go off for an occasional mooch with or without mum to our little carpark area; the cows are far better behaved. Chomping on grass and keeping a close eye on the daily goings-on here at HQ, I've found if I go outside and over to the gate, that they edge a little closer to say a wee hello. 

I do hope that soon visitors can drop by and get to see where the magic happens and our neighbours first hand. While the workshop is not open to the public due to health and safety, there is a small space next to us that would be perfect for people to drop in, collect or browse what we make.

In the meantime, Happy Cow Appreciation Day from us!



  • I love your blogposts !
    No wonder you make such beautiful toys, you’re surrounded by such beautiful in the Forest of Bowland! 😍

    Sara on

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