February update: Workshop Reopens!

February update: Workshop Reopens!

February update: Workshop Reopens!

I am pleased to announce that the workshop reopens on February 18th 2022 🎉

I'm ready for a creative year ahead! With new wooden toy designs and learning resources to inspire young children's wonder about the natural world and it's beauty.

Firstly, I have much appreciated your patience during my little hiatus. It is good to have returned organised and refreshed. Excited too!

I have some new friends joining me for reopening day on the 18th. I'm itching to tell you all about them on here in the next week or two and share how I have handcraft these wooden toys and resources on social media once more. You can follow me handcrafting in the toymaking workshop via my social media here if you don't already!

If you follow me on patreon though, you will already know that the season of spring has begun inspiring my craft heavily. I have been developing a rich spring collection, consisting of nature themed toys and resources for release over the coming weeks. There are some seasonal gems and collectors pieces not to be missed in 2022.

Brace yourself however. I've made room for their arrival, via the retirement of many 2020/2021 toy designs and archiving these wooden toys away as past projects in my drhellion portfolio. I know many of you will be saddened to see some of these beautiful wooden toys no longer being made. There is however good intentions behind these retirement decisions and the addition of many toys to my Toy Design Archive.

Slow and intension toymaking in 2022

My plan for the year is to release limited edition and small batches seasonally, with four main collections consisting of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter due in 2022. I aim to work on small batches of select number of my classic designs inbetween, such as the cuboid range, which aims to be a more year round toy staple.

I envision toy batches will be released twice a month. I will announce the release dates in advance to my patreons and subsequently, share them on here and on my social media channels. However please be aware that the numbers of toys being handmade are likely to be noticeable less than in previous years.

Making changes to the toys I make and how I practice my craft, has been an aspect I've given much consideration while being away. I have devised a sustainable timetable, with toys being crafted at a sustainable pace and number, to give me room to work on other creative projects. This includes things you will spot during the year such as more illustration work and writing.

So to summerise! I'm back and ready for a creative year ahead. The spring collection is on the horizon and I am excited to share some beautiful wooden toys with you. You can always reach out to me at drhellion@helliontoys.co.uk with any questions you might have. I love hearing from you

Dr H x

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