Hello Autumn! An update from the workshop

Hello Autumn! An update from the workshop

Hello Autumn! An update from the workshop

Autumn is my favourite season. It is probably my most creative time of the year. I'm often busy making toys for the big man in red, and feeling very inspired too. It is the colours, the smells, the jumpers and hot chocolates! Not to forget my favourite shoes, the good old wellies.

This autumn season, some friends and I want to share our joy and make this season an ‘Autumn of Adventure’.

Therefore I am very excited to let you know first that I have some super sneaky news. I’ll be launching an very special ‘Autumn of Adventure’ campaign in conjunction with The denkitco and The Nature Bug Club in a week or so.

There will be ideas for crafts and activities to get folk out and about during the autumn months. To award the most Intrepid explorer, there might be an Adventure Kit extravaganza prize too. So if you love autumn and feel upto the challenge, keep your eyes peeled for the goodies!!

I will be announcing more details in a few days! 

You'll find the information on my Facebook and instagram accounts. But first. Lots of making is to be done.

After a long summer of juggling my little boy, my ready to post items in the shop are nearly depleted. I find it too difficult to get dedicated time in the workshop making with him home for seven weeks. So therefore turn around times have gone up to around 7-10 days on most toys that are out of stock or low in numbers, to give me time to handcraft them across September. Thankfully others can be found ready to be posted out in 2-3 working days too.

One big job at the moment is working to restock the brand new Pocket Explorers. The entire collection officially launched on August 31st and I've set up a dedicated page to them on here.

There are five individual pieces to collect, a magnifying glass, compass, colour wheel, nature journal and signalling mirror. With more new designs to follow soon (yay!). I've already begun making a second batch after the launch proved popular.

Unlike other magnifying glasses or outdoor toys like this, they have been designed (and british made by me!), using a clever design that is super portable for children. Sets can be easily attached to a Nature Bug Club Kit or a Den Kit Bag, so little ones know exactly where they are when they need them! 

If you want to see making progress, please do check out my Instagram stories and finally, my new tiktok account. I do micro updates and document my days so you can see the progress I am making!

Thank you for reading!
More Soon!
Dr Hellion


  • Oooh I love this! How exciting, I am going to have to do some waiting impatiently for news of what it will be! Woohoo AUTUMN! 😍😍

    Jenn on

  • I am so excited for what is to come in this partnership 👀 🕵️‍♀️ ! Both bags are beautiful and the Pocket Explorer set is the most clever invention to stimulate the littles to explore nature!

    Sara on

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