Meet the Animal Folk

Meet the Animal Folk

Meet the Animal Folk

This week I launch a brand new range of toys called The Enchanted Forest Collection. It is a handcrafted range of heirloom pieces that are inspired by nature and my hope to help children foster a deeper relationship with our environment. You can read more about the inspiration here

While part of the collection features Forest folk from lore, myths and legends, the other part is the animals and creatures of this wild forest landscape. No forest would ever be complete without a hungry wolf or wise owl. I feel this is true because of the deep relationships we humans have with the animal kingdom. Animals have long been a important source of food, labour, companionship or threat to people everywhere. 

So it is unsurprising we humans love animals and we love to give them human characteristics. Over time and place, all kinds of fables, myths and legends have sprung up about particular species. These tales have been rooted in the places and people who have gone on to retell them for generations. Our children hear about a raft of characters in fairy tales, file stories and local legends. They are such epic adventure stories too, with moral twists and such fantastical elements such as shapeshifting. We root for the heroes or villains, tricksters or sages in the tales.

These stories and legends help illustrate important lessons and teachings of wisdom. So as a toy, the Animal folk provide symbols and motifs to explore existing or new fables and tales. The complexities of relationships and the dynamics between the different characters uncovered. They are great for imaginary, small world play and bookish play, to use alongside literacy materials as well as other educational resources.

So, let's dive in and introduce the animals of the enchanted forest.

Hungry Wolf

Species: Canis
Species Typica: Canis Lupus
Common Name: Gray Wolf
Measurements: 75mm x 90mm x 18mm

Cunning Fox

Species: Vulpes
Species Typica: Vulpes Vulpes
Common Name:  Red Fox, Tod, Reynard
Measurements: 70mm x 60mm x 18mm

Wise Owl

Species: Tyto
Species Typica: Tyto alba
Common Name: Barn Owl
Measurements: 50mm x 40mm x 18mm

Graceful Stag

Species: Cervus
Species Typica: Cervus elaphus
Common Name: Red Deer, Stag, Hart, Hind (Female)
Measurements: 92mm x 88mm x 18mm

Noble Rabbit

Species: Oryctolagus
Species Typica: Oryctolagus cuniculus
Common Name: Rabbit, Cony
Measurements: 50mm x 55mm x 18mm

Bustling Squirrel

Species: Sciurus
Species Typica: Sciurus vulgaris
Common Name: Red Squirrel
Measurements: 50mm x 55mm x 18mm


You can learn more about each of the Animal folk, their characters and the Enchanted ForestPlease do revisit the blog for forthcoming stories and features about each animal too.

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