Meet The Forest Folk

Meet The Forest Folk

Meet The Forest Folk

As we approach Christmas and the end of 2021, I am busily bustling away at the workshop to release a brand new collection of imaginary and small world toys called The Enchanted Forest collection. 

The inspiration behind the collection is rooted in bringing magic and wonder to how we look at our natural environment, especially in light that never has there been more of a moment to treasure our planet. You can read more about the inspiration here.

In today's blog post, I want to introduce the Forest Folk who live in the forest. They all have rich biographies, which are connected to fables, folklore and the stories of our ancestors in the British isles. These Forest Folk toys aim to evoke folktales for young children and in the coming weeks, I'll be bringing some rich stories to the blog for us to explore together.

So, let's meet the first four Forest Folk being released in 2021 and give an exclusive preview of who else is joining the collection in early 2022. 

The Giant

Giants are the original builders and shapers of our landscape. They are an incredibly strong, long lived and territorial species. You have undoubtedly walked atop of a slumbering giant, who's sleeping back has now become the barrows, hills and mountains that can be seen all around us. The Giants have been asleep so long, they are covered in plant life and it isn't until they rumble or move in their sleep we are even aware of the life beneath our feet.

Vale Gnome

Gnomes live deep within the earth and dwell in the caves, quarries or the mines beneath the slumbering giants that they care for. That being said, you have probably walked past a gnome at least once or twice a month as they come up to the surface to survey the land. They are deep in tune with the minerals of the earth, which is why you miss them as they can quickly disguise themselves as a rock or boulder. 

Mistletoe Sprite - Rare

The sprite is the most diverse magical species of all the forest folk, and there are many different types. However they are the least seen or noticed. Often sprites are confused with insects and plants due to their similar appearance which acts as camouflage. Many live in groups or swarms and can be seen buzzing about in the air above as you stroll through woodland or forests. Please note that Sprites will bite if provoked.

Oak Tree Folk

It is easy to forget trees are sentient because they seem so dormant, especially in winter. Trees however can and do take on human shape and will travel a short distances. There are many stories of wandering mischievous trees or those guiding us at night along dark and dangerous paths. The human form of the tree typically looks like the tree itself and our Oak Tree folk are no exception with their acorn hats. The Oak Folk are known for their wise and sacred role in the forest and they are most ancient. If you want to spot hiding Tree Folk, you can see their faces in the knots and unusual markings of the tree bark.

Woodland Elf - Rare

Elves are typically not seen but heard, as they live for merriment and mischief. They are fond of circular dances and lively parades which they undertake as they travel between Elfland and our mortal realm. Few rules govern the Elf, which is why it has a reputation for being a trickster and why you would never want them in your home. Elves do not have profession, but there are some who put their crafty mischievous nature to good at the north pole. It is the constant Christmas parties and lush food that keeps them somewhat domesticated.

Coming 2022

Are you interested to know more about the Forest folk? If so we have a dedicated Enchanted Forest page which lists all the current folk available. Including, The Green Man and The Forest Faun which will be released in 2022.

Please note, these handcrafted toys are all suitable from 12 months plus and come boxed with information cards that have been specifically designed to deepen the back stories of each one. 

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