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National Play Day

National Play Day

Traditionally held on the first Wednesday in August, Playday is the national day for play in the UK. Its purpose is to celebrate the importance of play and promote just how beneficial it is for children.

Here at Hellion Toys, Dr Hellion passionately believes in nurturing open-ended play, with activities and resources that allow children to explore freely. 

Open-ended play supports children to embrace their creativity and follow their imagination, taking their play in any direction. There are no 'wrong' or 'right' ways to engage or set outcomes which must be achieved; just lots of opportunities for play based learning!

Play like this is essential for children's well being, their sense of self confidence, self mastery and importantly, their ongoing learning journeys too. After the pandemic, people are likely more aware of how play without boundaries and restrictions is vital to providing happiness, helping children cope with stress, have fun and connect with others.

In light of how the last 18 months has been, this year the theme for Playday is to create a 'Summer of Play'. The official Playday site contains a wealth of information about planning and setting up some events

If you need some inspiration for individual activities or open-ended play ideas, Dr Hellion will be featuring lots of different ways to play on the Hellion Toys Instagram account. You can see these at

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