Shop is open!

Shop is open!

Shop is open!

Good evening!

Tonight I reactivated the webshop and added in some toys to the inventory. Its good to be back online!!

However, Hellion classic's that exist all year around like the Letter blocks, Cuboids or Chalking toys, are noticiably limited or out of stock still.

I have been truly on hiatus this year so far, no toymaking in advance like usual. So no wooden animals from the Enchanted Forest are ready either!

It's not all bad news! I have a stock drop happening February 25th. As always I'll be updating patreon, blog and social media as to what it will feature and when more is likely ready.

I've hopefully not disappointed anyone too much with my hiatus, deep spring clean and archiving activities. Time moved on fast this year and there is much fun to be had ahead I promise!

Email or hit chat if you need anything ☎️ In the meantime, I'll be back next week to talk about the first drop of the year on February 25th.

Dr H

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