Slow Making

Slow Making

Slow Making

Last week I launched the Enchanted Forest Collection and the array of beautiful animal and forest folk. The collection has been a labour of love and one inspired by nature and sustainability.

Some of the pieces in the collection have sold out over the weekend and thank you to all who have turned up to support its launch! I honestly can see with my current commitments it will take a few days before I can begin to make some more.  So in the meantime there is always the 'Notify Me' button on each listing for when things are back being made for you to bag.

The reason I'm writing this blog today is to highlight something important.

These pandemic years have taught me an awful lot as a maker that sustainability isn't just about the materials or the processes, but also that it has to be sustainable for the maker themselves. So I've given up worshipping at the high altar of hustle and being committed to daily helpings of grit.

I've found with the challenges that have arisen during 2021 in particular, that I need to be more mindful of how I am working, in order to keep it sustainable to actually undertake. Creative work is vulnerable work. You take risks and put an awful lot of very meaningful aspects of yourself out there.

And I am but one toy maker (and a working mum to boot!) I design and craft everything. For sure I have help packing up orders in the form of my partner and with keeping up with correspondence. But nothing is mass manufactured here, or outsourced and there isn't a team of people behind the scenes.

Over the January period my website will be slimmed down in what it offers out to the world, in a way that I can sustain in 2022 and beyond! It is vitally important to me too keep up the creative work and projects I wish to bring forth too. To help navigate this, I have opened a Patreon account, as a way to sustain new projects and give back to loyal followers and customers.

Please do check out my patreon here

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