Spring Spotting Wheel Set: Wildflower Edition

Spring Spotting Wheel Set: Wildflower Edition

Spring Spotting Wheel Set: Wildflower Edition

February 25th at 7pm is the official launch of my spring collection.

I am beginning this year by releasing a special Spring Spotting Wheel Set: The Wildflower Edition.

This special wildflower set is dedicated to raising awareness to the 3% of the United Kingdom's remaining wildflower population. 

Very sadly wildflowers in the UK have undergone a huge decline, with 97% of our wildflower meadows lost since 1930's. This loss of habitat and pollution have all played a role in wildflower decline, and the decline of reliant species of birds, polinators and British wildlife.This difficult situation is compounded by the fact spring is coming sooner year on year too, at around 33 days earlier. 

It is for this reason I was keen to make a toy activity set that would open new outdoor adventures, introduce wildlife and have a positive impact on this situation.To encourage others to grab their spotting wheel and activity sheets, and out to the hedgrows, woodlands, heaths, verges, hillsides and meadows to see what wildflowers, mini beasts and wildlife you can spot. I hope these adventures help raise awareness to the presence of wildflower ecologies in your local communities, or nationally, through sharing your finds and getting involved with some really important citizen science research projects.

The set is suitable for children aged 3 upwards and is ideal for children to do with friends, family, carers and parents. Everyone can join in too, with activity sheets that can be adapted to the different skills, interests and and age ranges of the people involved.This kit can be extended further with other nature focused toys I make too, like the pocket explorer magnifying glass, compass and journal. Providing months of activities and learning opportunities outdoors 

I intend to release my special edition spotting sets in three handcrafted batches, and release these each month in February, March and April. If you would like a set, please visit the website on Friday for the first drop!

I am expecting these to be popular and sell out quickly. If that's the case, hit the notify me button for when they go out of stock and I'll email you when more are available so you don't miss out.

Warm regards,

Dr H 

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