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Teddy Bears Picnic Day

Teddy Bears Picnic Day

Based on the popular children’s song “The Teddy Bears’ Picnic”, July 10th has been recognised worldwide as Teddy Bears' Picnic Day.

And what better way to host a whimsical celebration of our favourite childhood toys, than with a teddy bears picnic? Together with our tufty companions, we head outside for fun activities, games, food, and play.

Our adventures can take us anywhere: to the local park, into the garden, up hills, through the woods or onto sandy beaches. The opportunities are endless.

Taking toys outside is a fantastic way to extend our available playspaces. Children can connect with nature and explore the natural world with their treasured childhood companions by their side. Away from the everyday comfort of their home environment their imaginations can really run wild as they encounter new places and experiences.

Being outdoors is known to have a great number of benefits for childrens' physical and mental well being. Just being out in the sunshine increases vitamin D levels, improves quality of sleep, reduces stress hormone levels, boosts immunity and helps focus childrens' boundless energy.

The great outdoors is a sensory delight for children too. Imagine seeing new animals (sight), a bed of fragrant flowers (smell and touch), puddles for stomping (sound and touch) or eating a parent-approved berry from a bush (taste). All simple moments that can be enchanting to experience.

So this summer, be inspired to pack up a bag of your favourite toys and head outside for some fun. I would love to see what adventures you all get up to on these long, warm days outside together. Where will you visit first?


  • What a gorgeous blogpost.
    I didn’t know Teddy Beara’ picnic was a thing until recently and I just love it! We always bring a few of our favourite toys everywhere we go and love it!

    Sara on

  • So many benefits! I’m feeling inspired to get out and about with a backpack of Hellion Toys

    Jess on

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