Welcome to the Enchanted Forest

Welcome to the Enchanted Forest

Welcome to the Enchanted Forest

This month I am releasing something very special this Christmas, which has taken much love to develop: The Enchanted Forest collection. 

The inspiration for this work first began after hearing a local folk tale about the River Ribble, which has an old longstanding problem with mythical Water Sprites. Wondering what these sprites could look like, how they live and their purpose, set off the development of many diverse characters and environments based on local and British folklore.

The Enchanted Forest collection brings forth the first of these characters and places: the Animal folk and Forest folk which live in the Enchanted Forest.

The toys in this forest collection are undoubtedly inspired by the majesty of the Forest of Bowland, where I handcraft these wooden toys using locally sourced materials. The designs are deeply rooted and are made to foster empathy, wonder and respect for the natural world at this critical juncture in our history.

Never have we needed to feel more connected to the ecological environment at play round us. Young children have an incredible empathy for the earth: digging, picking up stones, or playing with sand. They do not necessarily experience the earth and the rocks as something lifeless.It is this interest and deep connection to the environment that the Enchanted Forest toy collection wishes to foster further.

Within the collection, you will find animal folk and forest folk, which embody the magical nature of life and the stories of the ancestors. The animals and creatures will breathe wonder into the non human world, to envoke the fables of the animals, the plants, the mineral mountains and earthly kingdoms.

I aim in subsequent blog posts, to introduce each character to you and explain how they, as an embodiment of life, help to keep alive the possibility that the earth holds within it ecosystems of wonder that needs to be nurtured.

All toys in this collection have been rigorously lab tested and are suitable for children from 12 months plus. Each piece of the collection is UKCA, UKNI and CE certified safe too.

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