Felt Balls


Lovely to use as lightweight and tactile counters, these colourful felt balls are a versatile resource for supervised activities exploring quantities, patterns and number relationships.

A set of colourful felt balls is an open-ended learning resource that combines particularly well with our 100 dots board, dot cuboids and number cuboids. Available as a set of 100 (10 x 10 rainbow colours) or as a set of 32 (individual colours), these also pair well with wooden tongs (sold separately).

Here at Hellion HQ we particularly enjoy investigating the aerodynamic properties of felt balls. Sometimes our efforts in this respect are misunderstood, so we’d like to clarify that this is a serious piece of product research. Very serious indeed. Especially on a Friday afternoon.

Felt balls are supplied with a drawstring bag.

Materials and usage

Handmade from natural merino wool in Nepal (and therefore not vegan-friendly).

We advise against felt balls being handled by very young children. Please note that felt balls can be used as counters in supervised activities with older children, however they are not CE certified as a toy and must not be used as such. Similarly, wooden tongs (sold separately) are not a toy and must not be used as such.

Dimensions and features

Diameter: 1.5mm
Set of 100 contains 10 x 10 rainbow colours
Set of 32 contains 32 individual colours

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