Bustling Squirrel


Species: Sciurus

Species Typica: Sciurus vulgaris

Common Name: Red Squirrel

Measurements: 50mm x 55mm x 18mm

Squirrels are often used as a symbol for mischief and anyone who has watched them get into a bird feeder can understand why. The busy squirrel has been attached to other sideline activities, such as acting as messenger and as an austere reminder to plan ahead for the harsh winter months.

In Irish mythology, the goddess Medb is said to always have a bird perched on one shoulder and a squirrel on the other, serving as her messengers to the sky and the earth respectively.

Travel to the Enchanted Forest with Hellion Toys and discover the magical and mischievous band of forest folk who occupy the natural world around us from the ground beneath our feet to the leafy canopies above our heads. The Animal Folk toy collection inspires small world imaginative play which encourages children to engage with the natural world around them. They bring magic to everyday walks in the forest and make every trip out of the house an exciting adventure, inviting small ones to look more closely at the world around them and think about local folklore, myths and legends.


Materials and usage 

Each piece is handcrafted and finished using eco-friendly, vegan-friendly, sustainable and locally sourced materials. Each figure is varnished to provide a hardwearing and wipeable finish that is VOC, solvent and BPA free (gentle to the environment and little hands). 

Independently CE/UKCA lab tested and certified safe from 12 months.  

Dimensions and features 

Box contains one handcrafted Squirrel, double sided information cards and certificate of authenticity.

Measurements: 50mm x 55mm x 18mm

Made from locally sourced Poplar