Fibonacci Golden Ratio board


The Fibonacci sequence, named after Italian, Leonardo Fibonacci (1175 A.D- 1250 A.D) is a mathematical sequence of numbers where the sum of the two numbers precedes the next (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, etc). Visualised as a logarithmic spiral, the spiral gets wider each turn it takes and is mirrored in nature.

The sequence is often mathematically aligned to The Golden Ratio or what is considered the most beautiful ratio and divine proportions seen in nature.

Combined on this board, this toy works as a lens to look the natural world, art, design, architecture, weather patterns, space, the human body and face. Opening up a space for discussion and learning about the beauty in mathematics.

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Expertly Crafted

Hellion Toys are members of the British Toymakers Guild and Heritage Craft Association, UK.  All our exceptional toys are crafted using sustainably sourced local materials and support a network of other small independent or community interest companies.

Be assured our finger tracing boards are Independently CE safety tested and certified safe for children aged from 12m and over.  Each one is crafted to order to show the elegance of the natural wood. Our finishes are odourless, non-toxic, have no VOC’s and are 7000x purer than standard low VOC finishes.

Custom orders can take up to 14 working days to be made in busy periods. However, we endeavour to fulfil orders much sooner and can accommodate deadlines. You can follow our toys being made on our Instagram and Facebook stories, where Dr Hellion posts our tales from the workshop Mon-Fri.

Detailed information

  • Suitable from 12m+
  • Independently lab safety tested and CE certified
  • 30 cm x 20cm x 18mm
  • Made using sustainably sourced materials
  • Wipe clean matt finish
  • Top three free. No VOC’s, No plastics and no BPA’s
  • All designed and handcrafted to order

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