Little Folk (Astro the Astronaut)


Invite this intrepid interstellar explorer into your family, great for imaginative play and complementary to our space-themed collections.

Astro was originally created as a companion for a certain small someone who’s particularly close to Dr H.

You’ll notice that this cute little character is fond of photobombing our space-themed product shots to show off that pristine spacesuit and stylish helmet to full effect. Astro has been spotted floating in outer space, hanging out on the moon and being chased by comets. What will you get up to together?

Ideal for gifting, Astro comes with a luxury cotton storage bag.

Materials and usage

Each piece is handcrafted and finished using eco-friendly, vegan-friendly, sustainable and locally sourced materials. The surface is varnished to provide a hardwearing and wipeable finish that is VOC, solvent and BPA-free (gentle to the environment and little hands).

Independently CE tested and certified safe from birth.

We recommend these toys from when children can sit unaided.

Dimensions and features

Individual Astro the Astronaut little folk character
Piece size: 65mm tall, 35mm wide (approx)

Each piece has its own distinctive character that sets it apart from a mass-manufactured children’s toy. Unique characteristics such as differences in wood grain are a hallmark of our handcrafted and small batch production processes. Colour batches may also vary across time. To achieve colour matching between multiple sets we recommend that these are purchased concomitantly.

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