Play Base Duo (Deep Space and Stars)


Inspire stellar adventures with our deep space and stars play base duo, two distinctive hand painted pieces that set the scene for epic interplanetary expeditions.

Who’s coming to play in space today? Anything can happen when you’re flying through colourful cosmic clouds.

Make sure you don’t disturb Boo! (sold separately) or there’ll be trouble, especially if you happen to have any baked goods in your spacesuit pocket.

Please note that the product images shown are for indicative purposes as each piece features a unique double-sided, hand painted design integrated with the knots, plugs and textures of the individual piece of wood.

This set of two is inspired by NASA's intriguing nebulae images, evoking the mysteries of deep space and distant solar systems.

The Hellion team love all things space-related. We even thought about building an observatory, but the cost was astronomical.

Materials and usage

Each piece is handcrafted and finished using eco-friendly, vegan-friendly, sustainable and locally sourced materials. The set is varnished to provide a hardwearing and wipeable finish that is VOC, solvent and BPA-free (gentle to the environment and little hands).

Independently CE tested and certified safe from birth.

Dimensions and features

Set contains 2 pieces
Play bases are double-sided
Both sides feature a unique hand painted design
Please note that product images are indicative
Piece size: 340 x 230 x 6mm

While the dimensions are exact, each piece has its own distinctive character that sets it apart from a mass-manufactured children’s toy. Unique characteristics such as differences in wood grain are a hallmark of our handcrafted and small batch production processes.