LU - Lunar Module Robot


Say hello to Lunar! and let your imagination run wild with our multi-mini-Robot blocks.

Construct a curious moon cyborg, assembled from the thought to be lost remains of the Apollo 11 lunar ascent module. Lunar is on a mission to tell us a few things from their old memory storage banks.

Our remarkable-robot blocks are craftily illustrated with original artworks by Dr Hellion and are ready for small hands and limitless imaginations to work their creative magic.

Ideal for gifting, Lu-Lunar comes with in a cotton storage bag.

Materials and usage

Each piece is handcrafted and finished using eco-friendly, vegan-friendly, sustainable and locally sourced materials. The set is varnished to provide a hardwearing and wipeable finish that is VOC, solvent and BPA-free (gentle to the environment and little hands).

Independently CE tested and certified safe from birth.

We recommend these toys from when children can sit unaided.

Dimensions and features 

Set contains 5 pieces
Piece size: 5 handcrafted shapes of varied sizes, for indicative scale the largest is 110mm x 34mm and the smallest is 34mm x 34mm.

While the dimensions are exact, each piece has its own distinctive character that sets it apart from a mass-manufactured children’s toy. Unique characteristics such as differences in wood grain are a hallmark of our handcrafted and small batch production processes.

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