STABILO Woody 3 in 1 (PEFC Certified)

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Get creative and make your day more colourful with the multi-purpose Woody range from STABILO.

No wonder STABILO describe their Woody range as multi-talented – these all in one colouring pencils, wax crayons and watercolours have a ‘break-proof’ 10mm diameter lead and can be used for drawing and painting on a wide range of materials.

Made from PEFC certified wood, their chunky shape allows good tripod grip for writing practice.

We particularly enjoy using this STABILO range to get creative with our chalking cuboids, shapes and boards which wipe clean after use.

We’re told the Woody range is also easy to wipe off windows and ceramic surfaces. We sincerely hope this is true, otherwise the Hellion team is going to be in BIG trouble when Dr H sees the state of the kitchen.

Materials and usage

Please note that the STABILO Woody range is CE certified for use from 36 months. The STABILO sharpeners are not CE certified and this option is included for use by adults during supervised activities.

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