Wonderful Wildflower Zine


Zine Reverse:

A pocket companion for your outdoor adventures and gentle strolls into nature.Bring me along to help identify, admire and record our wonderful wildflowers which are sadly under threat.

About the zine:

The Wonderful Wildflower Zine was researched, designed and illustrated by Dr Hellion AKA Dr Selina Ellis Gray, in order to raise awareness to the beauty and loss of our wildflower habitat. Each flower has been illustrated to help children (and adults!) to spot what flowers they have around them.  Perfect for joining you on your adventures with family and friends.

Zine pack contains:

One Zine, four paper stencils and one A5 Wildflower poster. Two stencils are great for nature journalling, art or crafts, as it's the leaf and flower petal shapes I've handrawn in the Zine. The third stencil is dedicated to leaf shapes and matches the glossary. The final stencil is themed on where flower specimens are stored, such as bell jars, stamps etc. 

Printed: 110gsm Lancashire made recycled paper, card and envelopes from our local eco paper mill. Made from recycled materials.

Publication date: April 2022

Zine Size: A6

Pages: 30

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